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Organic Media Lab is a research, education and consulting organization which specializes in media evolution and networked business. ‘Organic media’ is a research framwork proposed to understand the disruption of media and business markets.

Problem Definition

Dominated by the phenomenon of mediation, the market is under transformation where everything is to be redefined and reconfigured. The distinctions between “provider-user”, “production-distribution-consumption” or “society-culture-economy-business” have already collapsed. Only connections exist.

In this new environment, there will be no longer any business whose purpose is none other than making connections (relationships) among individuals, data, information, content, etc. Organicity and connectivity take place of products and traditional value chain to dominate the new rules of the game.

New issues of Media

Media weaves relationships, and this defines media. This is a network. It is you who tranform media through the connections of your audiences, users, friends and colleagues. Organic media is a form that we can no longer control. It is this network that transforms the market and sets the new values. Here, only those who do not stop evolving can survive and the only way to evolve will be through mediations.

What we do

  • To educate the public and companies on the market evolution through the lens of organic media.
  • To analyze companies’ business models and help them find ways to innovate.
  • To propose a new methodology of Internet service development (Organic Media Design Methodology).
  • Multidisciplinary approaches: the laboratory itself is organic. Researchers in sociology, management information system, communication design and computer science work together in networks through seminars and various projects.

About Dr. Agnès Yun

AgnesYunProfileAgnès Yun is the founder and CEO of Organic Media Lab, a research, education, and consulting organisation specializing in media evolution and networked business.

In her book, Organic Media: Redefining Media in a Connected World, Dr. Yun argues that media is ultimately a living, growing, evolving organism, and the force driving the disruptive changes overtaking today’s market and society. Her reconceptualization of media as “network” extends our field of inquiry beyond media studies, allowing us to understand how changing modes of connection impact the very rules governing our social existence.

After earning her Ph.D in sociology of communication from Paris Descartes University – Sorbonne, she served as director of the SK Communications Research Institute. She later founded the social networking startup Mediare. Dr. Yun is also speaker, writer, and an avid blogger. Connect with her at yun@organicmedialab.com or leaving your comment below.

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